What is UnitedConcepts?

We are, first and foremost, avid fans and followers of the world of fashion. We love fashion. And it is this love that has driven us to create UnitedConcepts, the project of our dreams, as a means to share our passion with the world.

The name UnitedConcepts itself comes from the words ‘United’ and ‘Concepts’. It means to unite the concepts. The art of taking bits and pieces, of differing and contradicting fashion concepts and elements, from a plethora of different cultures and era, and to remaster them, create our own art.

We have a second dream however, one that is especially important given the current climate of the world.

In a climate fueled with division across cultural, racial, religious and socioeconomic lines, it is our dream to use our creations to help create and promote familiarity and tolerance amongst people. Through fashion, to provide a sense of familiarity with a culture deemed distinct and foreign. And finally, to give people the realization that despite our differences, we are actually closer to one another than we realize.

 We are extremely passionate about our creations. It is not only what we do, but who we are.